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What Is Strength Training? – It’s Not About Size

You think you know what strength training is, but most likely, you’d picture a big burly man deadlifting 300kg, carrying a big stone or pulling a plane. You know what, you aren’t wrong. But neither are you right. 

Strength training is a broader topic than you might expect, and no, it doesn’t mean lifting between 1-6 reps. Neither does it mean you’ve to be big or consume protein shakes.

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Strength Training Is About Increasing One’s Overall Muscle Skeletal Strength

Since it is such a wide topic, it is best if we can put some constraints on it. It is defined as the ability to improve one’s overall musculoskeletal strength. 

This in and of itself differs from every individual. For a powerlifter, this means bumping up their numbers on their deadlift, bench, and squats. For the bodybuilder, it is to increase the number of weights, reps & sets to build muscle size (hypertrophy) and for the golfer to improve his swing power output during his/her tee-off. 

The common denominator here is that every individual wants to increase their intensity during their training so that they can lift heavier, longer and increase their power output – that is the result of strength training. 

Strength Training Reduces Chronic Illnesses & Cancer

Increasing lean muscle mass is a crucial factor in reducing chronic illnesses and cancersThis works by lowering certain hormones and insulin in your body. The cancer cells require sugar, as a source of energy and certain hormones aid in the growth of cancerous cells.

Strength training and exercise in general help reduce cancer risk. But what is considered exercise? 

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Why Should You Practice Strength Training?

To keep you mobile till the day you die. Your life is practically limited to the ability of your physical body to perform daily tasks like mopping the floor, getting off the bed and wearing your clothes. Don’t forget, we are all temporarily abled. That is why we must practice strength training to achieve a fulfilling life

The only downside to strength training is to get started – it’s tough.

Improve Strength By Lifting Weights Or Undergo Resistance Training

You can improve your strength by lifting weights, be it compound movements like squats or unilateral training like lunges. If a gym seems overwhelming to you, you can use resistance bands or a simple pull-up bar will do the trick. 

Strength Training Allows You To Perform Any Physical Activity With Ease

Regardless of age, if you have a strong base, you can perform any sport with minimal difficulty. You can spend time hiking with your kids or play with your grandkids without strain or pain. 

You will also be able to use your retirement funds to explore the world and show others that age is just a number. 

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Strength Training Reduces Fall Injuries & Death

The death rate due to fall-related injuries is 78 out of 100,000 older adults. This is due to the disability to be stable and mobile enough to cushion the fall, or to prevent it in the first place. 

Death through falling is the second leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide. So it is wise to get started. And why not? You will look younger, look better, feel better and live a more productive life. It’s a win-win all around. 

Strength Training Should Be The Foundation For All Individuals

Unless you are an athlete in a specific sport, strength training should be the bedrock of your exercise routine. The Health Promotion Board recommends strength training, 2 or more days a week in conjunction with cardiovascular exercise. 

You should ideally target all muscle kinetic chains such as the hips, legs, back, abdomen, chest, and shoulders. There are so many wonders in strength training, it is time for you to start yours. 

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