Why You Should Not Fall For Social Media’s Exercise Culture

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2020 is the year where Instagram influencers became fitness experts and couch potatoes became fitness enthusiasts but I guess that is the power of social media right? But can you believe everything you see online

1. HIIT Everyday

The World was suddenly introduced to this miracle that was “never” discovered until the lockdown in Singapore. The Biggest misconception is that back to back and lengthy HIIT sessions will give you that body you desire or burn that fat so that you could finally fit into your old pair of jeans.

What people fail to realise is that without proper rest, HIIT could damage your body. The fat burn should be coupled with Low-Intensity Steady State(LISS) exercises and proper dieting.

2. Bandwagon of paid classes and personal trainers

What do you want out of this journey that you are going to start on? Do you want it to be cheap? Do you want to make friends? Do you want to push your mind and body to their limit? Netizens on social media are easily influenced to hop on the bandwagon of exercising trends.

At times paying exuberant amounts of money to start an exercise routine that is not even specific to what they want or needs based on their lifestyle. If you want to belong to a community while keeping fit, paid classes are an excellent way to go but they come at a price.

If you intend to keep it simple then some Youtube videos, articles and some and trial and error would be recommended for you to get in shape.

3. Flat Tummies

This is perhaps one of the biggest lies by Instagram models. The question is how are you able to sit down and have a flat tummy and stand up after that without your skin stretching out? It’s not just good diets and fitness, it’s camera angles and a whole lot of sucking in.

Not everyone is blessed with good genetics and our body may end up storing the fat in our bellies which is very common. Certain changes in our body that bring about a change in hormone levels, could affect the way our body metabolises the fat.

Of course, this does not give you an excuse not to have a healthy lifestyle.


Social media is a brilliant way to share with the world workout tips, routines and other information that could help the whole community. However, we should not be influenced by what we see online and believe that is what society conforms to or it should be the trend we want to follow without first doing your research.

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