What kind of gym should you join?

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What must I think of when I choose a gym? How do I know which gym is right for me?

There might be a couple of questions that might pop into your head when it comes to choosing a place to train. It could be peer pressure, budget, location, convenience, atmosphere, equipment, community and much more.

We will go through them and make sure you choose the right gym for yourself. Here is the checklist.

By the way, this isn’t a comprehensive list of the various gyms in Singapore. That will come out shortly.


  1. Types of Gyms
  2. Cost
  3. Location
  4. Equipment
  5. Availability
  6. Community

1. Types of Gyms

There are many types of gyms from strength centric places to boutique gyms to choose from. Some cater to the tight schedule of the typical office athlete who only has 30min to train during their lunch break.

So, what are the various gyms in Singapore?

Here is a list of the types of gyms you can choose from.

Commercial Gyms:

  1. Anytime Fitness
  2. EnergyOne
  3. Gymmbox
  4. Dennis Gym
  5. Active SG

Strength Centric Gyms:

  1. The Strength Yard
  2. Elevate Barbell Club
  3. Gym Brigade
  4. Mobilus Gym
  5. Solitude of Strength
  6. Hygieia Strength and Conditioning
  7. The PIT
  8. The Forge
  9. Iron Fitness

Gym Clubs:

  1. Anytime Fitness
  2. Pure Fitness
  3. Virgin Active
  4. Fitness First
  5. Platinum Fitness

Group Gyms

  1. F45
  2. UFIT
  3. Revolt Gym
  4. Evolve

Boutique Gyms

  1. Genesis gym
  2. Gym n Tonic
  3. Ground Zero


The cost of membership for gyms varies from place to place. With those being in the Central Business District (CBD) more expensive than others.

Speciality and boutique gyms charge higher due to their quality of equipment and higher upkeep costs.

Cost is a big factor for most people, and you might want to consider that unless you already have a specific sport in mind and only a few places can offer the type of equipment you need.

Don’t forget that time is money, and even if the price of membership is lower, but if you have to travel further, then it defeats the point. Worse yet, you stop going to the gym at all due to inconveniences.


Location, location, location. This is by far one of the most important factors (for me at least). Depending on your lifestyle, different gyms suit different needs.

Some are placed strategically in the CBD for easy access and others are scattered around the heartlands with lower frequency per gym, but overall garnering higher traffic.

As a rule of thumb, choose a gym which is closest to you at a place where you spend the most time at. For example, if you’re always at the office, head to a gym which is near your area of work, or if you spend the most days at home, then choose a heartland gym near you.

This, of course, doesn’t apply to Anytime Fitness members which they can choose any gym, anywhere, 24/7. So, that’s a plus.

Heartland Areas:

  1. Anytime Fitness (63 locations)
  2. ActiveSG
  3. Gymmbox
  4. EnergyOne
  5. F45
  6. Elevate: The Barbell Club
  7. The Strength Yard

Central Business District:

  1. Pure Fitness
  2. Virgin Active
  3. Crucycle
  4. UFIT
  5. Revolt Gym
  6. Level Gym
  7. Ritual Gym
  8. Brick Gym
  9. True Fitness
  10. Fitness First
  11. Field Assembly
  12. Genesis Gym
  13. F45
  14. Platinum Fitness
  15. The Pit
  16. Gold’s Gym
  17. SWEAT!
  18. Mobilus


Every gym list of equipment is essentially different from one another. A different model, make, and maintenance level.

If you’re an athlete training in powerlifting, you might want to head to gyms like The Strength Yard.

Check out a gym’s equipment beforehand and make sure those gyms have the proper tool for you to be a stronger version of yourself.

For some, the condition of the equipment is important therefore it is important to checkout the gym you are interested in. Some new gyms may buy second hand equipment from gyms that are closing down and this equipment is usually in poorer condition.


Shift work is tough and so is finding a place to train in the wee hours of the morning is important for some. Understand the gym opening and closing periods to match your hours.


This is what makes every gym special. It is the people who run the gym, and the people who train there frequently, that matters.

Those are the lads and lassies who push you on and make your training more worthwhile and sharing tips and experiences to further improve your performance.

This also means that “gym vibes” are important and no one gym fits all. If you are one that loves heavyweights, chalk and going alpha all the time, then head to a gym that has that. If you prefer serenity and peace of mind, then, by all means, head to one that caters to that.

A community is what keeps you going, so choose one that vibes with you or which you feel comfortable in.

Even if the place is a tad inconvenient or pricier, the biggest reason you pick a particular place is because of the people there.


Having an active lifestyle is important not just for health, but to keep your body primed for action. Gyms around Singapore cater to that need and choosing one isn’t hard.

Just pick one that ticks off most in this list but one thing for sure – train hard and train smart and keep on grinding.

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