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From techno to heavy metal, music is the expression of one’s emotions and particular political landscape. It also allows us to escape reality into our dreamscape. Music also has biological responses, especially during exercising. Besides elevating your heart rate, it keeps your mind focused and body grounded.

We will be sharing popular playlists of awesome music from all sorts of genres so pick the one you like, and how to curate your effective playlist(I love punk rock and everything else is trash ahem).


  1. What Type of Music Works?
  2. Genres
  3. Curating Your Playlists
  4. Playlists

What Type of Music Works?

Not every type of genre can trigger that focus or heart rate elevation. For it to work, the type of music has to trigger an emotional response from the individual. This means the type of music has to create some sort of memory or association with it.

According to The Sport Journal titled: Music in Sport and Exercise: An Update on Research and Application by Costas Karageorghis and David-Lee Priest – Brunel University.

In the report, it is stated that your arrangement of music must be in tune with the intensity of the activity. i.e., if you’re are warming up, choose less upbeat music and slowly ramp it up to a higher beat once the activity gets more strenuous.Most songs in your playlist should be 2HZ, 120beats/minute and above.

Not all genres can hit a 120beats/minute rate as well as hitting most of the 6 points listed above.

Here are a few genres that might suit your flow

  1. Pop
  2. Rock
  3. EDM
  4. Techno
  5. Rap
  6. Punk

Of course, there are different types of genres that you might enjoy that also fits the 6 points listed above. Just go for it.

Curating Your Playlist

According to The Sport Journal titled: Music in Sport and Exercise: An Update on Research and Application by Costas Karageorghis and David-Lee Priest

-Brunel University

It states that there are 6 things to take note of before selecting the songs for your playlist:

  1. Select Familiar Tracks
  2. Strong, Energizing Rhythm
  3. Positive Lyrics
  4. Rhythmic Pattern Well Matched to the Activity
  5. Uplifting Melodies and Harmonics
  6. Musical Style (Genre) That Suites the Individual

By choosing and arranging your music in this manner will amplify the effect music has on your workout.


Here’s a couple of playlists that are well-loved by many and you can find them either on Apple Music or Spotify. Credits to Spotify, Apple Music and individual curators of the playlist.


  1. Workout Songs 2020 – Best Gym Playlist 2020
  2. Punk Rock Workout by Spotify
  3. Pop Punk Workout by teymonster
  4. Dwayne Johnson’s Progress Workout Playlist
  5. Rap Workout by Spotify

Apple Music

  1. Pop Workout
  2. Rock Workout
  3. Hip-Hop Workout
  4. Pure Motivation

As for me personally, I enjoy punk rock, pop-rock, rock and variations of those and my favourite of all time is My Friends Over You by New Found Glory. Not sure where I’m going with that but let us know what music you like and perhaps you can share your playlist with us.


Music is by far the most primitive of enjoyment yet the most effective in changing our mood and emotions. Honing your focus during training will bring you immense results.

The best part is, you can always connect with music. So, bob your head and get in the zone.


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