The Best Exercise That Will Make You Lose Weight

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When I say “the best” it’s usually subjective towards an individual. Some have certain disabilities that hinder their performance or ability to perform a certain workout.

However, there is one exercise that almost everyone can perform and it’s the most underrated thing.

Most people want that pump or to sweat buckets, but they usually tend to forget about the strain it adds to your joints and muscles. There is one workout that has low intensity and can be performed without any gear or equipment.

That is – walking.

Are You Serious?

Hell yes, I am. Besides the fact that as humans, this has been one of the main reasons for energy expenditure (besides having a big brain).

But then you will say that; C’mon, HIIT or running is way better at burning calories.

If you’re counting calories burn per minute then sure, it is great, but it also taxes your joints and muscles in the long run. Also considering that some individuals are strength athletes and bodybuilders, which might hinder their muscle/strength growth too.

Also, if you’re an individual that is always strapped for time due to a hectic lifestyle; for one, go and replan your schedule because that is toxic and two, HIIT and running will be better if you’re only counting calories burn per minute.

Walking on the other hand has a lower impact on your muscles and joints, burns a fair decent number of calories and its way better to enjoy it. Plugin your earphones and listen to a podcast or some music to destress.

That’s lame, I’m just going to hit the gym and do HIIT

For sure, for sure. Those are excellent ways to lose weight, build muscle mass and increase overall athleticism.

Again, most of us aren’t full-time athletes and we don’t have the time and effort to have sufficient rest and nutrition to maintain that vigorous schedule.


Walking has many benefits, and they are:

• Burning calories
• Lower intensity = less tax on joints and muscles
• Virtually No Cost
• Leisure activity (Spend time with family or friends (if you have any))
• Destress
• Best way to start exercising
• Best warm-up movement
• Simple and no dedicated equipment needed

Besides stating the obvious, walking does have its benefits and you can benefit from it too. All you have to do is to get out and well, walk.

Alright, so how should I… walk?

Weird enough, you can just take a stroll outside, but you have to brisk walk. Get your heart rate to at least 110BPM.

Try to hit that for at least 30-60min at a time without stopping.

Funny thing is, if you start paying attention to your strides, you might realize that the way you walk might be causing mobility issues or various other hindrances.

Anything Else?

If you want, you can choose a route that has a steeper incline or put on a weighted vest and that’ll increase the intensity yet not putting as much strain as HIIT or running.

DO NOT forget about nutrition. You can do a million minutes of running or walking, but with improper nutrition, you might just gain the fat, back.


Walking has been looked over as it doesn’t elevate your heart rate to a certain level that many fitness enthusiasts have promoted online.

However, walking is a great way to burn calories, improve cardio vascularity and yet not be taxing on your joints and muscles, ergo allowing you to sustain it for a longer time.

The best part is, you can just chill and destress while you’re at it.

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