The 3 Pillars

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The 3 pillars must be abided by to achieve better mental resilience, physical strength and endurance and a stronger immune system. Demolishing one pillar will create a cascading effect that will knock the other two to the ground causing injury, fatigue and lower mental focus

There are basics when it comes to any sport or fitness. Besides understanding the skillset of the sport, it is more crucial to understand the machine that takes you through it – your body.

The basics of training, are the ones that people always people tend to forget. Often when their progress stalls, they start to question themselves, “why aren’t there any results or why is their body falling sick more often”? Whereas in bodybuilding, why are they not gaining lean muscle mass or losing fat mass?

What they do next is to hit up YouTube and search for training programs by their idols, top athletes or maybe some other YouTube star who might not even be giving the right information to these people who don’t know much about the basics of exercise and nutrition.

The 3 Pillars

So what now? Are you saying what I’m doing is entirely wrong? NO, well maybe. Just take note of the 3 pillars of training:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Rest

Training in general consists of 3 very EQUAL things – Exercise, Nutrition and Rest. If you miss out on one, progress will be greatly affected. You can train as hard as you want, but if you’re not eating right, you’re not going to progress.

Imagine this: A car requires 60litres of petrol but you’re only supplying it with 30litres, the car will not be able to go as far as it should! This metaphor can also be used to describe the quality of food.

If you’re putting in junk fuel, your body isn’t going to progress as far and it’ll even cause health issues over time just like a car having engine failures and whatnot. If you do not properly maintain your car, it will break down as well, and that is why training is important. That is what maintains your body in peak condition.


The rule of thumb is, to try and avoid as much processed food as possible and opt for fresh/whole foods. Eat foods that are rich in protein and fibre. Protein wise, you cannot solely depend on protein powders and other supplements.

Supplements are called supplements because they are meant to SUPPLEMENT your diet when you, for example, have no time to cook or buy your ingredients. Supplements should be used to AID your diet, not to REPLACE.

Eat within your caloric limit which you can calculate it here.


When I talk about rest, it doesn’t only mean rest days, it also means the amount of sleep you get EVERY single night. If you’re not sleeping enough, you’re not going to see much progress.

Same goes to rest days, if you’re always at the gym working and working and working with no rest days at all, your body will eventually break down and you’ll start to get all sorts of things like fever, lack of appetite, fatigue, etc – That’s overtraining.

It’s not a nice feeling. I know because I’ve been there. Also always keep in mind that you have to be very patient because if you’re not, you’ll start stressing out and finding different ways to make progress and not give a certain program the time needed to see changes in the body.

Of course, if something you’re trying doesn’t work within 1 or 2 months, switch to something else, consult a more experienced trainer or coach in the field.


Be it hypertrophy, strength training or martial arts, do it right. Find a coach or an experienced friend to help you out. You can even sign up for classes whereas a group, people can train together and push each other up.

The most important thing about exercise is specificity. Which you can learn more here. Know what your goal is and work towards it. Do not do what everyone is doing, or even the veterans. Understand and commit to whatever goal you set for yourself (heavier bench, lower squat position, etc. )


These are the 3 pillars in which you must have. These 3 pillars are the foundation upon which you build on a sustainable active life. No magic machine or food will help you shed those pounds or fix your shoulder. So, get out there and achieve your goals.

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