Running Routes In Singapore To Try!

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Growing in up a city like Singapore, I must say we are blessed with beautiful neighbourhood parks and park connectors where people can enjoy a stroll or go for a run. Growing up in other Asian countries, you may not get this privilege.

However, of course from time to time we would like to change our running atmosphere by trying out different running routes so today we are going to explore some running routes in Singapore if you are not already aware of them.

1. Marina Bay Boulevard

Well besides east coast park, this is probably a running route that is getting more and more popular with the running community because of its amazing views. If you are running along the marina bay boulevard in the late afternoon you would probably get to see a very beautiful orange sky as the sunsets.

The marina bay boulevard has a rather simple terrain with little to no elevation so it makes it a very enjoyable and simple run. You can start you run at the Marina Bay Open Carpark and head down towards Gardens By the Bay followed by Marina Barrage. The distance to-and-fro adds up to a perfect 5 kilometres.

Possible Places to Park: Marina Bay Open Carpark (018940), Gardens By the Bay, Esplanade

2. Hort Park/ Mount Faber

A location more usually packed with casual hikers on a weekend morning, Mount Faber poses a tougher challenge with its steeper hills and undulating terrain. If you like that burning sensation in your leg, this “Mountain” is perfect for you.

The beauty of Mount Faber is the several running routes that you could take. You could park closer to the top at Mount Faber Carpark A and head towards Hort park and then back up which usually has a gradual elevation change.

This route would start you off with more downhills and of course you would have to conquer the uphills on the way back. You could also park at Telok Blangah green carpark 2. This sets you up closer to the Henderson waves bridge, but on route to it you will face a very challenging incline.

Possible Parking Locations: Mount Faber Carpark A, Telok Blangah Green Carpark 2 (109178), Hort Park Car Park

3. Sentosa

It is costly to enter Sentosa just for a run but of course, if you want to change things up then give it a try. This running route is not exactly beside the water but rather besides the beach. If you are driving you could park your car at the Tanjong Beach Carpark and probably start your run there as well.

Then you could run towards Siliso Beach and look out for signs for Imbiah Nature Trail. Imbiah Nature Trail’s cooling trees is something similar to the MacRitchie Reservoir. Following this route would lead you to the Coastal Trail which is a beautiful sight that not many know exists.

The Coastal Trail will you have running beside the water. At the end of the run, you could cool down along the beach.

Possible Parking Locations: Tanjong Beach Carpark, Sentosa Beach Carpark

4. Stadium (@Kallang)

A location with many routes, if the weather is bad you could try out the indoor track around the entrance of the stadium arena itself.

A great route to take would be starting outside the mall near to the beach volleyball court and head down south towards the Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge and carry on along Tanjong Rhu Promenade.

If you follow the route, you could eventually end up opposite Gardens By the Bay.

Possible Parking Locations: Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore Indoor Stadium Open Air Carpark


Running is meant to be fun, so switch up these regular and mundane running routes once in a while to something different. Remember to accessorize with sunglasses or a cap because the weather and heat can get intense nowadays in Singapore.

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