How To Run With A Slower Friend

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Now that this revolutionary article is out, 7 billion people across the world will now know how to run with a friend(insert laugh here). Running or any other form of exercise is always best done with a friend. But for slow runners, the thought of running with a friend at lightning pace may seem daunting. So we hope that this article helps readers with their cadence runs.

Take Out That Weighted Vest

Running at a pace about 1 to 2 minutes slower than your average is going to be easy for you and probably not your friend. To make it just as challenging for the both of you all, slap on a weighted vest.

With the additional weight, your muscles will require more effort to propel your body forward. This will help to build strength in your leg muscles.

Talking While Running

While running you are constantly in need of more oxygen, now imagine adding on talking to your run. While you talk and run, you are building up a level of resistance in your run for your body to utilize the oxygen you intake for both your run and your conversation.

If you are the faster runner, it would be preferable for you to keep up the conversation and encourage your friend.

Act As The Pacer

Sometimes we all need a constant pacer to help us hit the timings we require. As the role of the pacer, you should be consistently checking your watch to ensure you are at the right speed and all your friend needs to do is to focus on keeping up with you.

Act as his analyst

During a run of a stipulated distance, there are some areas where we are strong and other areas where we are not in. As a pacer, when you are consistently looking at your watch, you can analyse where your friend tends to slow down during which part of his run and at which part of the run does he tend to speed up.

Analysing your run will help you to know where you need to improve on.


Being blessed with the ability to run fast has left me running alone more times than I prefer. Thus began the inspiration for this article. If you are the faster runner of a duo, use these tips as a way to show your friend that you are more supportive of him.

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