How To Hit Your Goals

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It’s 2021 and the age-old spirit of motivation starts creeping in. All of a sudden, you want to hit a health goal, a financial objective or to get the girl/guy that you want.

Unfortunately, most of the time you fail to hit your mark – it’s not even close. After a couple of weeks, you lurch into your same old habits once again and nothing has changed (for the most part). Some might succeed whilst others don’t, so how do you turn the tables and have success into your hands this time around?

I got the thing just for you and the best part is, it’s free (kinda).

Mental Resilience

First and foremost, before you enter the heat of battle, your mind plays a huge part. Once you have this locked in, you have already won half the battle. here are a few ways in which you can have prolonged mental resilience and that is by practising Meditation and Breathing.

If you have an apple watch, there is a pre-installed “breathing” app that you can use to take full control of your breathing patterns to calm yourself down.

Another way to have better mental resilience is to practise the art of Autosuggestion. As famously mentioned in the book “Think and Get Rich” by Napoleon Hill, if you pen it down and repeat a simple phrase to yourself every day, you will inevitably act upon it.

Be clear and precise in your writing. As simple as it may seem, why not try it. If you have tried for years but to no avail, just give it a shot.

Set Your Goals High

Niccolo Machiavelli wrote: “Acting in this like the skilful archer, who seeing that the object he would hit is distant, and knowing the range of his bow, takes aim much above the destined mark; not designing that his arrow should strike so high, but that flying high it may alight at the point intended.”

Always aim higher than you think you can, as most of the time we will not hit our goals but because we aimed higher, it’ll hit its mark. Don’t be afraid to dream big but down to earth. Elon Musk was once laughed at his dream to send men to mars and to have automated electric vehicles being operated. Look who’s laughing now.

Take Control Of Your Emotions

Emotions empower us to do great things, and emotions allowed us to achieve unimaginable innovations and prowess in our skills. It is, however, a double-edged sword being able to cause harm to its user.

Your emotions are like a horse, it is beautiful, powerful, fast and effective. However, a wild horse is useless to its user if it’s not reigned in. Just like an explosion, it is useless if uncontrolled but controls it and you get combustion. That’s what most machines are powered by – the combustion engine.

You can take control by practising the above previous methods mentioned but the goal is simple. No matter the situation, stay calm, conceited and rational. You don’t always have to win every battle, but you must win the war.

That war is the war within your inner demon, so JUST STAY CALM. In Other words, don’t be somebody else’s tool.

Continue Learning

Learning doesn’t end once you’ve graduated, as It is for life. Continue reading, attend night classes, sign up for seminars and programs. Nowadays there are online sites like Coursera that can help you learn continuously throughout your adult life.

Books like “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Little Book About Value Investing”, “The Intelligent Investor” are amazing books one should read.

There are many books, podcast and YouTube videos that we and others create that can give you a continuous learning experience. Best of all, it’s all free.

Have Fun

Everyone has their own timeline. Some got rich by the age of 18 and others take an entire lifetime to reach their financial goals.

Some can hit a 250kg squat when they’re only 17 whilst others are past their prime but managed to do so too. We all have different bodies, circumstances, families and emotions. We are ultimately all made different, no matter the talents, abilities/inabilities and skill set.

It is always YOU vs YOU. Take this time to hit your goal as a learning journey in which open yourself to other opinions and suggestions, even though you might not agree with it.

Have fun and enjoy the process and mean it!


There are many paths to Jerusalem, and we all have our own to take. There is no direct path to success. Even those taken and proven successful might not be right for you, so buckle up, meditate, breathe, have confidence, continue learning and keep on trying.

You’ll get there.

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