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In a 100m race, a difference as small as 0.01 seconds could mean determine the 1st and 2nd position. Often why you are not be reaching your goal is because you are omitting some small details of your routine or workout. So below are some practices you could adopt to gain that extra edge.

1. Choosing the right running route

Why does something so minor seem to have an impact? Simple it lies in the morale of the run. Some routes are more undulating than others. These elevation changes will pose a challenge during a run. Of course, a route that has steeper slopes will build strength however it could cause you to feel less encouraged as you are running.

As certain routes are easier you would feel more enthusiastic and inclined to run that route when you are trying to set a personal best.

2. Too Much Alcohol

It’s common for us to ‘say well I worked out so everything is fine. Well, you are true to a certain extent. A drinking session after a run would affect your recovery and this article is meant to tidy up the minuscule details to give us the edge. As you drink, you would tend to release liquids at a faster rate.

Your body needs to retain these liquids to remain hydrated after a run but instead, it is losing water be it whether it is good or bad. Just like hydration, rest is just as important. Singaporeans love to say, “whack one beer and toh(knockout)”.

Indeed, you are probably going to sleep the moment your head hits the pillow after a night of drinking, but that also means that you are going to have a poorer quality of sleep. This would hinder your body’s recovery process. After a night out of drinking, you would be going to bed at a later time compared to your regular times.

The following day you are going to wake up at the same time as you usually do and this means less sleep which in turn affects your recovery. So if you want the extra edge, watch your alcohol intake and keep it to a minimum.

3. Too many sugary drinks

I think this has been mentioned before, but we are going to say this again. The worst thing about sugary drinks and alcohol is that the effects are not shown immediately. So an average joe would just consume a sugary drink and see that nothing happens on the surface and assume that it would be fine to consume a sugary drink the following day.

But the effects may not always be shown on the surface but rather underneath. Your body has to produce insulin which is a fat-storing hormone, more sugar in your body causes more insulin to be produced in your system.

4. Energy Drinks

Does a 5km run or a 45-minute spin session require an energy drink or sports drink to replenish the nutrients that we have lost? The answer to that is no. The nutrients that you need to replenish should come in the form of food and I’m not talking about your burgers and fries that are useless calories.

I’m talking about your proper meats, vegetables and fruits to help you gain back what you have lost. You are not performing at the level that high-performance athletes are performing at so water should suffice. Leave the energy drinks which are high in sugar content and sports drinks to the professionals who should consume them after their rigorous exercises.


It is not easy to remain disciplined while all your other friends are shoving foods down their throat. But if it is your goal to remain fit, then you should not short change your body or yourself from the proper care that it needs to reap the rewards.

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