Healthier Food You Can Choose From

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Many times we have been oblivious to the marketing of the capitalist machine and that is due in part to human greed. Not exactly a bad thing but what is bad is not making an informed food choice.

This is not and never will be a complete list but I hope it’ll make you aware of the options you have out there. Oh and do note that you may not like some things on this list.

Let’s begin

The “Healthier” Options

To no surprise, many might think these food choices are better just because they have the word “juice” or the healthier choice logo on their packaging.


As you can see, the amount of sugar/kcal and protein/kcal is not justifiable to be a “sports drink” as advertised by nestle

Milo drink

Fruit Juices

Most(not all) fruit juices are higher in sugar content per ml without much of the added benefits of just eating the fruit itself. Kiwis are amazing – just sayin’.

Fruit Juice


Not all cereals are made equal and some do have my respect when it comes to their nutritional content. However, many aren’t and have made strides to convince people especially younger ones.

Koko Krunch

The True Healthier Option

Hold on a minute, yes it might not seem “shiok” but it is all about your mindset. So anyway, here are some food choices that you can buy almost anywhere, to not break the bank and your body.

Deez Nuts!

Peanuts are great and they pack loads of fibre, protein and good fats that your body needs. My favourites are cashews and almonds. But do know that they are indeed calorically dense, so always in moderation



The best go-to food I’d go. Tear one open from their packaging, pop it in the microwave for 30s, add some sauce and you’re good to go. Easy to swallow, fully plant-based, and hassle-free. Not to mention friendly on your wallet.



Yes, I admit it’s gross but to make it taste better, I’d toast some bread, add some salt and voila. Less bad. On that note, its nutritional content is amazing. Have a look


Protein Bar

Well, not exactly the cheapest option but hey, high protein and fibre so I’ll take what I can get.

Dao Baoing

If you are way too lazy (like most of us) and want a tastier meal, look no further than your neighbourhood hawker. Fishball noodle soup, porridge, wanton mee(soup based), dim sum(no fried tasties) or Yong tau Fu will do the trick. It’s pretty cheap too.


It’s for certain that you have your little trick to eat a little healthier (share with us!) but I do hope at least this might be insightful to some. Whatever it is, it is up to you to choose what is right. It’s your life, your choice. Choose it well.

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