Gym Hygiene (In The Era Of COVID)

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In this day and age, hygiene is by far the paramount priority in gym management to-do list.

Sanitizing the equipment and maintaining social distancing measures are the new normal in most gyms. Personal hygiene plays a big factor too. One shouldn’t leave their sweat all over without spraying with disinfectant and wiping it down, and neither should one put down their masks without any social distancing practices.

Clean the bench or equipment after usage, and if possible, wear a mask during training.

If you notice others not being socially responsible, or if your gym management is not paying attention to the measures listed below, do remind and contact the relevant personnel to rectify the matter.

Daily Cleaning

All gyms should have contractors or private hire personnel to do a daily clean/sanitization of the gym. All equipment including bars and weights must be cleaned thoroughly.

Some gyms like the Anytime Fitness (Loyang Point branch) has daily clean-ups and sometimes going further with twice a day.

Social Distancing

Gyms should adhere to social distancing measures. With anyone individual to at least 1 metre apart. Markers must be placed on the floor showing the 1-metre distance adherence.

Temperature Screening Checkpoints

All gyms must have a “choke” point whereas people must flow through to scan in their safe-entry pass, have their temperature checked and signing into the gym.

Media Reminders

Posters, place notes and other various visual/audio content must be present to remind users to adhere to social distancing measures and personal hygiene.

Providing Disinfectant /Sanitizers.

Bottles of disinfectant sprays must be placed around so that gym users can use it to wipe down the equipment after use. Sanitizers must also be placed all around to allow users to clean their hands after a workout.


You can find more information on Sport Singapore website


Everyone should take note of their actions and surroundings. If an individual isn’t abiding the given rules and regulations, do remind them respectfully.


No, this isn’t a 5-year plan to revitalize our economy by prohibiting individual companies and placing them under governmental rule.

This is to ensure that everyone doesn’t have an entitled right to self-individualism and instead have a collective mindset and to protect others around you.

All users in the gym should abide by all rules and regulations stated nationwide as well as additional layers put in place by the gym management. Do comply with their instructions so that everyone can enjoy their work out as well as keeping themselves as safe as possible.

That includes:

  1. Getting your temperature checked
  2. Checking into the gym
  3. Washing your hands before entering the gym

Wear Your Masks

As much as it’s a bore to wear your mask at all times during training, it is essential to keep it with you wherever you are nowadays. If your training is strenuous, try to keep it on, but if that isn’t possible, do wear it back as soon as possible and stay away from others whilst doing the workout.


If you aren’t feeling well, be it a fever, cough, runny nose or fatigue, it is best to stay home and recover. Do not put others at risk just for some last-minute mediocre gains. A couple of days off from training will not put you into any muscle atrophy whatsoever.

Look Out For One Another

If a fellow gym mate is seen struggling to lift weights, you ought to give them a helping hand. Same goes for others in this pandemic. If they are unwell,


Honestly speaking, it is hard and sometimes impractical to follow all the rules and regulations, because it doesn’t make sense. For example, they block off equipment to ensure social distancing, but due to that, more people are crowding other spaces in the gym.

You might be wondering why the gym is a tad crowded if only a certain number of people can enter within a specified area. Well, some people overstay their time slot (gyms via bookings) and if the gym has only 4 racks to squat and bench, everyone needs to start sharing.

With that said, the best advice is to adhere to all rules and regulations as much as possible and maybe even have a little patience. Stay safe out there and keep on moving.

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