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The Olympics has always been a sporting event that has brought us many extraordinary stories of athletes defying the odds during the games. However, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics brought us a story not befitting of an athlete.

What’s The Tea?

Kamila Valieva a 15-year-old Russian figure-skater failed a doping test a few days before she was supposed to compete in her figure-skating event at the Winter Olympics. She was caught with 3 different drugs in her system but only one of which was deemed illegal: trimetazidine.

The other two drugs, hypoxen and L-Carnitine though not banned but when combined with trimetazidine could give an athlete a greater endurance level and reduce fatigue levels.

Was She Banned from Competing?

Kamila was given the green light by The Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) to compete at the games even though it was protested by International Olympic Committee and many other athletes who felt that such a rule break deserved graver punishments.

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Kamila then went on to compete in her free skating event on the 15th of February that has placed her in the lead and in a Gold medal-winning spot. However, on the 17th of February, she fell twice during her far from perfect routine and ended up 4th in the overall standings.

Why Was it Hard to Watch? 

Stripping away the scandal and all the media attention, stood a 15-year-old teenager with the weight of the world on her shoulders in the middle of the skating ring with one dream, to win a Gold medal at the Olympics.

As you watch her perform her routine, you could sense a look of despair on her face as the mistakes just piled on. At the end of the routine, Kamila was disheartened as she knew her hopes at a medal had dwindled.

As a fellow lover of sports, it was a sight that was hard to take in. Imagine the 4 years of training that goes into preparing for the Olympics only to get to the grand stage and slip up. A difficult lesson to learn but a lesson that could potentially make this young athlete a beast at the next games.

The President of the International Olympic Committee has criticized the young Russian’s entourage for shunning her after her less than flawless routine and said that her entourage should have given the distraught athlete more comfort instead.

What Would Happen If Kamila Won Gold?

If Kamila who was the favourite to win the games did go on to clinch the top spot, there would have been no medal presentation ceremony as investigations would have to be carried out. The team event’s medal ceremony would also be put on pause due to the pending investigations.


Two words, Fair play. Something everyone learns about during physical education class in school. An unfair advantage will always take away the integrity of winning, if one cannot get this to their head, they are unworthy of the glory the victory beholds.

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