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It is frustrating to constantly hit the gym and see no improvement or results. This is most likely because as a newbie in the gym you are clueless about what you want to do and what you need to do. Here are some mistakes made by those without the right knowledge.


The first mistake people make is not knowing what they want. Do they want to lose weight, do they want to gain muscle or are they just there to sweat it out. People tend to overlook this aspect of their fitness goals and end up being disappointed when they do not see results after constantly hitting the gym for several weeks or months.

Lack of a Plan

As the saying goes, ‘if you plan to fail, you fail to plan’. Once you have identified your fitness goal it is time to craft out a plan. Often clueless gym goers would enter the gym and just head for the treadmill and then attack the dumbbells to ensure they clock in their daily requirement of bicep curls.

Others would just use the machines that are available or would just cramp any sort of exercise into their workout without realizing that they are counter-productive. Some workout plans focus on a certain muscle group per session while other workout plans will focus on movement.

Expecting the Impossible

There are no shortcuts and there are no miracles. Influencers like Mike Chang and Chloe Ting paint an unrealistic expectation. Many get discouraged after several weeks of training expecting to see massive results. A piece of advice; celebrate the small wins.

Strength athletes and runners train for years to reach the levels that they are performing at. If they got discouraged at every hurdle or if their performances were plateauing they would never reach the standards that they are at.

Going Hard All The Time

Do not be afraid to carry lesser weight than those around you. Remember that your personal fitness goal is your battle to fight. Rest cycles are important and they often get overlooked due to the eagerness of new gym-goers. As you are exerting your body to extreme stresses, a protein shake is not going to cut it. Proper sleep of 7 to 9 hours is required as well as a rest period of 1 to 3 days.


It does not matter if you are guilty of making any of the mistakes mentioned above as we all have to start somewhere. What is most important is that we correct our mistakes and help those around us to grow. Get rid of the toxic masculinity and start teaching those around you proper gym practices.

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