Accessorizing Your Run

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Professional athletes always want the latest shoes and gear to give them the edge over their competitors. What about us average joes? Well, we just want to look good and feel good while exercising.

We may not want the latest gear but we want the hottest running shoe on the market or those sleek leggings with that small little sports logo that makes it extremely expensive. But besides having the most sporty outfits there are many things we can add to our appearance to improve the quality or performance of our run.

1. Headbands or Caps

That little bit of sweat dripping down the forehead and into your eyes is an irritating feeling for any runner. So instead of trying to wipe your sweat every few paces, why not slap on a headband. If you feel that it may not be that aesthetically pleasing, throw on a cap and hide that headband underneath.

Wearing a cap is also a great way for you to keep the fluffy hair in place and from bouncing around during your run. Could you imagine Eliud Kipchoge running a marathon with his hair bouncing up and down?

2. Sunglasses

The afternoon sun will leave a blazing effect on your skin and a glaring effect on your eyes, you do not want to be squinting your eyes or tilting your head to the left or right while running it is not natural for you to be running in that position.

But that does not mean you can slap on aviators and start hitting the track, it’s time to invest in a pair of sports sunglasses. It does not have to be a pair of Oakleys(though you could customize a pair at the Marina Bay Sands outlet), there are just as many good sports brands out there like Roka and Julbo.

However what is most important is that they sit well on your face, too big a pair and it would end up bouncing up and down as your run.

3. Phone Armband/ Running Belt

Every time I am running and I see someone carrying their phone I just start to shake my head. Running with your phone is going to affect your run more than you think.

First, you got to spend the whole run gripping onto something and when you are running with something in your hand more often or not, you would not maximise the full range of motion your arms can achieve when you are holding something in your hand that goes the same for a water bottle.

So just buy a phone armband or a running belt which does not cost that much if you get it from online e-commerce websites. Try to keep your running belts compact and the strap tight to your body as you do not want it bouncing around too much.

Your running belts should not be too big cause anything more and that means you are not going for a run, you are going to become Batman with his utility belt.

4. Hydration Vest/Belt

Just like your phone, stop carrying your water bottle in your hand while running. It’s going to restrict your movement and momentum. Instead, use a hydration vest or belt to store your water.

It’s a good way to train as you have a slight addition of weight to your body especially for those vests that can hold more water.

5. Compression Tights

If you are getting more serious about your runs, this is probably something you would want to invest in.

Compression tights help to increase circulation in your legs and supports your muscles while you are running. Though it is believed that running with tights improves your aerodynamics by running, your “aerodynamic performance” is from 0 to negligible.


At the end of the day, you could have the nicest outfit or the latest shoes but it ain’t going to matter if you can’t drag yourself out to go for a run. Proper running form is still the baseline for maximum performance, everything else is just an accessory or a supplement.

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